Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Timeline

August - November 2014: Initial discussions and investigations by Parish Council to explore the possibility of embarking on a NP for S&R.


December 2014: Full colour Neighbourhood Plan 'special' edition of the Parish Newsletter delivered to every household. Successful application for ten hours free support from a consultant to assist with initial consultations and decision whether to proceed.


January 2015: First public event held to explain the Neighbourhood Plan process and explore interest/ commitment from residents.


January 2015: The Parish Council formally approved doing a Neighbourhood Plan at a Meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 19th January 2015.


January - February 2015: Initial weekly meetings of interested parties, leading to formation of a Steering Group of 17 local people (including four Parish Councillors and two District Councillors) to take the project forward.


February 2015: Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council formally submitted an application to Rother District Council for the designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area.


February to April 2015: In accordance with the Regulation (6), Rother District Council publicised the area application for a period of 6 weeks and invited representations on the area designation.


March - April 2015: Call for Sites process, with adverts placed and landowners contacted to invite landowners / developers to put forward potential sites for development.


April 2015: Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish was designated by Rother District Council by resolution CB14/80 on the 13th April 2015. The area being that of the Parish Boundary of Salehurst & Robertsbridge.


July 2015: Sites information open day for landowners / developers to present potential sites to the public.


September 2015: Comprehensive questionnaire, built on evidence and consultations to date, delivered to every household in the parish (online completion also available) by an army of local volunteer 'Street Champions'.


September to December 2016: Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council carried out the Regulation 14 public consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.


December 2016: Salehurst and Robertsbridge Parish Council submitted the 'Submission' version of the Salehurst and Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan to Rother District Council (Regulation 15).


10 February to 24 March 2017: Rother District Council six week consultation on the Submission Version of the Plan, in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations (2012).


May 2017: The Salehurst and Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan, Strategic Environmental Assessment and accompanying documents, together with all duly-made representations, were submitted by Rother District Council to the appointed Examiner, Mr John Slater, to undertake an independent Examination of the Plan.



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