Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

Robertsbridge Neighbourhood Plan

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All our Plan documents are available to view on the 'Resources' tab at the top of the page.
(The final 'submission' version of the Plan and all supporting documents can be seen by scrolling down the resources page, under the heading: 'Neighbourhood Plan - final 'Submission' Documents (Regulation 15 & Regulation 16)')


It was only in November 2014 that the Parish Council decided to go down the route of creating a Neighbourhood Plan, driven by the fact that Rother District Council's own Plan contains a requirement to find space to build at least 155 new dwellings in Robertsbridge, up to 2028.


Roll forward to September 2017 and much has happened. The Parish Council's Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has produced a comprehensive plan, identifying not only preferred sites for housing, but also covering such matters as: protection of green spaces and the environment generally, support for footpaths and bridleways, future provision for all three of our schools and much more.


The draft plan was consulted on by the Parish Council in September to November 2016, and many people and organisations put forward your refinements to the ideas of the Steering Group - a process called Reg. 14 Consultation. The draft was revised in the light of comments received and then submitted to Rother District Council (RDC) in December (Reg. 15). Reg. 16 stage followed, which included a further round of consultation, this time led by RDC, as the Planning Authority.


From 10th February to 24th March, interested parties had the chance to examine the plan documents, and submit comments to RDC. The Steering Group reflected on these and made more suggestions which have now been sent to the Independent Examiner who was appointed in May. He, Mr. John Slater, has now decided to hold an oral hearing on a limited number of questions which he has published. This hearing will be held in the Youth Centre, starting at 9.30 am Thursday 28 September. We would wish as many people as possible to come to hear the discussion about the type of community that is wanted from now until 2028.


If you click on the Resources tab, you can see all the documents which have been issued by all parties during the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan, including the Examiner's questions for the public hearing.


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Post Hearing Notes from the Independent Examiner
6th Oct 2017


Mr Slater has produced his Post Hearing Notes, including details of actions, with deadlines, noted specifically for the Parish Council and for the representatives of Hodson's Mill.


He also refers to an email received following the Hearing from one of the representatives for the Diocese of Chichester (Vicarage Site) regarding the gradient of the proposed access; the Notes and the email can both be viewed below:


Examiner's Post Hearing Notes


Email regarding the Vicarage Site access




Vicarage Site - Revised Access Plan
2nd Oct 2017


At the Public Hearing on 28/9/17, the Diocese of Chichester circulated a proposed access layout plan; this has been published and can be seen by clicking on the 'Resources' tab at the top of the page.